Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Driftwood Boats

I have been up to something a little different these days.
Not that I have stopped making and creating cards, but I found myself making a different kind of craft, driftwood boats.

It all started when I brought back woods from Leucate, our family beach on the Mediterranean.

When I run out of those, I walked the beach and 2 hours later, I was driftwood rich again. I brought them home, soaked them in a diluted bleach solution, put them to dry outside for a day, and let my mind wonder...

Here are the few collections I made: 

The Whisper, with sails made out of cheese-clothes...

The Ichiban, with white and plaid sails:

The Nemo, all linen sails:

The Dancer, with two different sails:

The Serenity, with two same sails:

The Tango, with one sail and one line:

The Rainbow, with one linen sail:

The Marbella, mini boats with a ribbon sail:

And finally, the Levis collection, with a lone sail:

AND... I had as much fun making them than naming them!

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