Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm back!!!!

After a long absence, I am ready to post a few of my latest cards.

First, one inspired by a dear friend whose full of wisdom posts on facebook always make my day, 
"Some see a weed, some see a wish"


And here again, just on time for the Christmas season that starts the day after Halloween, a card that puts in perspective what the Holiday Season is all about
"Holiday to do list"


This one is inspired by an old card of mine (# 136, Nov 28 20211), with so many possible uses,
"You make me smile"


This following card started actually as a mini card that I would put on top of gifts and chocolate boxes. I just love the message there and chose to make full size cards that could be used for New Year, birthdays, or else...
"May you have love..."


The card I used for the past Valentine's day, made with my Silhouette:
"Hearts everywhere"


Another Christmas Tree message (cf my #48 of Nov 10, 2011).
It is a lot of fun to play with fonts and create those...
"When you choose Joy"


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