Monday, February 4, 2013

A Magic Birthday Card

A Magic Birthday Card

I know, I have been away for a while and I thought I would do a big come back with what I think is one of the best idea out there. 

A birthday card that opens with a bang!

Now, let me tell you, this is not my idea, I just adapted it for my youngest 18th birthday.

Last year, I made a Shark Birthday Card, Happy Birthday for a Diver (
and it was hard to top that this year.

Until I stumbled on this tutorial on Pinterest, my all time favorite place to find inspiration...

Since Cristal Alves-Tusim is much better at explaining and much much better at filming that I will ever be, head over to her tutorial on youtube for the explanations.

Here is my rendition:

a perfectly plain 18th birthday card...

But wait!!!!!!

(Like in those info commercials on TV where you get not one but two at $19.99)

Pull on the top little ribbon and what do you see?
The 18 is coming to life!!!!

And there, the sky is the limit. The key to a perfect card is first, finding a marker that dry quickly on the acetate, and secondly, precision in the place you put adhesive or your card won't slide correctly and this is so frustrating. 

Also, Cristal made a slight mistake on her measurement, for the place to score the "envelop" part of the card. If you do score at 2 inches, it will leave a gap in the center. You need to add 1/8... 

Do a mock card first with scrap paper to make sure you have the right measurement.

Anyhow, here is what my son card looked like below:


I used some stubbies from Stamps by Judith. I was at the Anaheim scrapbook fair last thursday and I went crazy with those because I am using them everywhere...

Check them out at:

I stenciled the numbers, and used my copic markers.

Until next time!

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