Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fly fishing... and Tennis!

Fly fishing... and Tennis!

I had a peculiar request from a client (actually it was a wonderful request since it makes me work my neurons...)

She needed a retirement card for a person who likes fly fishing and tennis...

I tried to incorporate both of those in the stair step card below....

(By the way those easel card are easy to make.. I am adding a template below...)


The racket and tennis ball are from clipart, and I just cut up a fly from an image on the web. Now, for the net... that was tricky but I had a potatoes bag net laying around and I pulled it between two bands of card stock, horizontally first and them vertically.

The sign is printed and them cut with my cuttlebug.

I used 3 D foam thoroughly.

Since we are so close to Father's day, I  used the same element to make a tennis father's day card, and will post later a fly fishing father's day card...


Here is the easel card template: for a A2 card; dark line is a cut line, dotted line a scored line....You can move the 2 inch folding line to 2 !/4: it will give you a bigger flap in the front...

Until next time...

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