Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Dresser

Baby Dresser.

I know, it looks like a million, right?

Now, if I tell you it takes a minute to make it, you will call this card a winner, right?

I cut out 3 rectangles for the dresser drawers and I added them with some dimensionals to the card.

I also put 2 brads on each to mimic the drawer handles.
I added a small piece at the top of the card to make it look like the top of the dresser.

Now the hard part: I didn't have any baby pajama punch or die cut at the time, so I cut it our freely, and added a hanger made with a paper clip that I opened up and folded again.

 The web is full of tutorials on "how to make a doll hanger with a paper clip".

To add a piece of color, I added a triangle folded over the last drawer: the "blanket" is made with a piece of material cut with pinking shears and glued to a blue card stock.

That's it!

Easy, right!

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Until next time.

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