Thursday, December 1, 2011



I was redoing a wall of picture frames in my living room and my mind was still thinking Holidays Cards. This is how I came up with these two cards.

HO HO HO: 3 H, 3 O, and the perfect font. I cut out the letters with a square punch and matted the little frames first in silver then in black, and anchored them with a bow punched with a Martha Stewart punch: don't they look like little frames on a wall?

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I took it one step further.

I was browsing fonst like I always do, and found one called Santa time:


Now, look closely:

Yep, the letters are made of little Santas holding each other... well, I think the one in the "H" is pretty drunk, if you want my opinion.

You got to love those fonts!

Until next time.

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