Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guitar Birthday Card

... birthday card...

I have that thing... when I design a card, any card, I have to imagine the person the card is going to.

It is not an easy process though. I see the person in my mind, think and think, and browse the web over and over, think a little more and wait until suddenly, the idea pop up.

This one was designed for my best friend's son (my sister from another mother, Roberta), the very talented Cameron from So Far Gone, a local band from San Diego with a huge future...

Check them out at:


This was a no brainer: a guitar was what came to mind when I thought of Cameron.

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To make this one, I drew a free hand template. I also used a metallic thread and brads to hold it at the bottom of the black piece... called "Neck" . This made a good rendition, I thought...

Until next time....

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  1. Guitares futuristes ? Pas mal !!!
    Geo (Anonymous… ça va + vite)