Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday (with the help of Martha Stewart)

... with the help of Martha Stewart.

When I first discovered those "punches around the pages" I thought this was the idea of a genius. 

How many time, I ask you, you want to punch a shape in a paper or card only to discover that the "punch" is too close to the edge or not where you want it.

Well, this is where those "punches around the page" come in. 

Exit the frustration, hello the OH MY...


To keep with the simplicity I am feeling comfortable with these days, I chose to punch a column, and insert a simple sentiment in between.

And to make the motive stand out, I put an insert of white paper inside, which will make it also easier to write a message.

There is not much to it... less than 4 mn start to finish.

Until next time....

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