Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thanks ... with a Butterfly

... with a butterfly.

Usually you say thank you with some flowers. But yesterday, I felt like saying thanks with a butterfly.

Each time I clean up my scrapbooking supplies and reorganize them, I found some I had in my possession for a while and never used. I think this is the main advantage of organizing and re-organizing your tools....

The card below is the result of using not one but two "new" tools.


This Cuttlebug embossing folder was part of a pack and I must admit, I had never seen it! Coupled with the use of puffy paint (my go-to tool) it made a pretty good frame around the card.

Next time, I will try to emboss on the other side, it will give a totally different feeling.

The second unknown to the troops (as we, French say) tool was this butterfly die cut. It makes 4 different butterflies... don't ask me for the brand, there is none on it...

I taped one butterfly down and added a second one with the wings up, and a little puffy paint on the body.

I finished in rounding the corners of the cards...

Until next time....

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  1. This is definately an uh and ah card. Very well done! Keep up the good work.