Thursday, March 8, 2012



... I just hope Jen is too busy with her everyday life to go check my blog. 

My daughter 22nd birthday is right around the corner and I have been thinking and thinking, surfing the web over and over, looking for the best matched card for her birthday. 

I found it.

A heart, because she fills up mine...

 A bouquet of flowers, because that is the feeling we have when she is home...


This card was made using my Slice.

I had to fiddle to find the perfect size for the "2s" and the perfect font as to have them fit in the heart.

The rest is easy as a breeze: punch two sizes of flowers in two different colors and fill up the heart!

The bow is a bunny ears bow, the easiest to make.

The heart of the flowers is made with a 3D Tulip, metallic paint.

Now come the hardest part in the whole process: waiting for the paint to dry.

Avoid a whole lot of problems and wait overnight before handling this kind of card.

Here is the same card without the 22:

Until next time....

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